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At Reigate we have a small carefully planned breeding program. We use champion poodles genetically tested and screened to help us limit the possibility of inherited disorders. We also use the puppy temperament testing to aid us in placing our puppies with their owners. We look for owners who are committed to their dogs for a lifetime of health and companionship.

We do the recommended genetic testing for standard poodles with our breeding stock.
bulletHips:  OFA, OVC, Penn-Hip
bulletEyes: CERF
bulletSebaceous Adenitis
bulletVon Willebrand Factor
bulletBlood for Thyroid and Addisons Disease

When puppies are expected this testing is shown to and discussed during the interview process with prospective puppy owners, along with our sales/purchase agreement and the CKC non-breeding agreement.

We believe that acquiring a canine companion is a serious commitment. We expect to have personal communication by telephone and visitation (when possible) with prospective puppy owners as part of our interview process.

As members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Poodle Club of Canada, The Poodle Specialty Club of B.C., Versatility in Poodles, and Forbidden Plateau Obedience and Tracking Club, we do not condone or support the breeding of any kind of "mixed breed" dogs that are being produced today.  We suggest to anyone wishing a mixed breed dog that they support their local SPCA and give one of those needy dogs a home.

Our Puppy/Dog Questionnaire is for reference. If you are interested in more information about our dogs and our future breeding plans please contact us at Reigate Standard Poodles

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