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Performance Ring

Poodles are a versatile, athletic breed and are capable of participating in activities
such as obedience, agility, flyball, tracking, field work, search and rescue and just plain fun.

They love to learn and are very receptive to one on one training.
Socialization and puppy classes should begin at an early stage.

Agility Tracking

CH. Reigate's Absolute Lady Elvira CDX, VAADC, DDX, AGN, TP, CGC
L. Blackwood


Portia's Champions:  Scandal, Dallas, Chelsea, Micah, Tara, Vihnee, Bronte


Can., Int'l CH. Reigate's Wind Beneath My Wings
D. Waddington

Tara's Champions:  Trader, Banner


SATChC Reigate's Classic Edition CDX, SMADC
#1 Standard Poodle in Agility for 1999.
J. Barton



ATCH Reigate’s Shades Of Grace CDX, AGI, Silver Award (AAC agility)


B. and G. Warren

Ch. Reigate's Joy To The World CDX



CKC CH.OTCH. Reigate’s Here Comes The Sun TDX, WC, AGI, AGI.J, JH, AADC, SGDC, U-SHR,VIP VCX, PCC- Versatile Poodle



Reigate's Cut To The Chase C.D.

ATCh. Thornwyck Phantom Of The Omen CDX, FBX, AGN ,CGC


F. Jackson
#1 standard poodle in agility 2001, #16 all breeds



Reigate's Banner in The Wind CD, TD


M. Jorgensen
Movie Starring Banner


Can./Int'l Ch. Reigate's Hallelujah Lyric CDX
Katie aka Kennedy

Well, well. well! if she hasn't done it again today with another top of the class and rosette; this time together with a nice picnic basket. She scored 190 and is just bursting at the seams with pride. She is the love of our lives and makes us smile with her antics.

She says that she plans to go on with this game and we start CDX training tomorrow with Donna at 10.30. Our aim is for the Richmond trials next year and then perhaps some agility if my knees hold up:-) She has won two bests and four ribbons in five trials.

Katie is much admired by all of her friends in the park for kind nature, graceful movements but I have to say that she is not shy about nibbling any one of them on the bum if they step out of line.


Reigate's Le Gentilhomme C.D.


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